Topshop: Engaging with their customers



Typically fashion brands do not reply to their customers which I think can lower brand loyalty. I searched on Instagram and wasn’t having much luck and it even took me a while to find this tweet on Twitter. A customer was complaining of an issue and to my surprise Topshop replied! Fashion brands aren’t always as engaging as other brands on social media, such as, Chipotle, Burger King or other restaurants. These brands have a strong media presence and engage very often with their customers. Fashion, however, doesn’t have that same image. Their accounts are very engaging and constantly keeping the customer updated with new collections, photo shoots etc. But they often falter when it comes to replying back to their consumers, so I was very happy to see that Topshop took the time to engage with a couple of their customers.

A customer was having an issue with processing an online order, and in her distress decided to tweet to Topshop about her issue hoping for a response.


Yes, Topshop did take the time to reply, however their response was not very genuine or detailed. They seem to use this same format and response to most of their customers issues. Also do we really even know if they respond to their DMs? This was a very scripted response all they really did was change the person’s name. It took them about 5 hours to reply to this persons tweet and most likely they have either given up or solved the problem in this amount of time. They do not respond to all of their customers, however, they do respond to a fair amount of them but only if it is an issue. Other brands are more personable with their customers and will reply to any tweet they are mentioned in whether it be an issue or not. This is not the case for Topshop. Overall I think they can do a better job of engaging with their customers and being more personable, but it does show something that they are reaching out to their customers to solve issues.


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